September 18, 2012

DIY - googly eyes

  I was on instagram and saw this really cool idea from _iCrochet_ and I wanted to share it with you. Let's say you're making a small amigurumi but you ran out of googly eyes. No worry you can make your own with items in your home.

*Small white piece of construction paper or just plain white paper
*2 tiny black beads or black paper
*Round plastic tray from pills

Make sure you clean the tray so that there's no medicine residue in it.
Cut the little round tray.
Make some small black round pieces for the eyes or use beads.
Apply some glue around the tray.
Glue the tray onto a piece of white construction paper. Don't forget to put the black bead or piece of paper in there.
Let the glue dry and cut around the white paper. have your easy, zero cost, recycled GOOGLY EYES!!!

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- Janet


  1. Janet,
    Ótima ideia! Levo comigo.
    Adoro ideias rápidas, prática e baratas.
    Obrigada por compartilhar

  2. @ Gladys Perfeito, Que bom que você gosta da idéia. :)


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