April 17, 2016

The 'Adam' Baby Blanket

By Janet Carrillo "damn it Janet, let's crochet!"
Can't wait to curl up with my baby with this warm snuggly blanket.

size: 29"  x  35.5" but can vary based on yarn and hook size

*Crochet hook size: 6.0mm
*Worsted weight yarn: colors of choice
*Warm Snuggie Fleece Fabric depending on your blanket size
*Tapestry Needle

  Numbers in ( ) at the end of each row indicate the total number of dc clusters.
  The chains in the beginning DO count as a stitch.
  You chain multiples of 4
  dc cluster - 3dc's into the same stitch

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Have a nice crochet time!
- Janet

This pattern is an original pattern by Janet Carrillo "damn it Janet, let's crochet!" (April 2016). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint/repost it on your site. You may print and keep a copy for your own personal use. Please do not resell or distribute it.