May 22, 2012

Owl Appliqué

By JC Designs
  This little guy would be great for applying to any projects, maybe as home decor or making them into fridge magnets.

  The owl measures approx. 3” inches wide (from wing to wing) and 2.75" in length but can vary based on yarn and hook size.

*Crochet hook size: 2.5mm & 3.5mm
*Worsted weight yarn: brown, white, gold, delft blue or any color of choice
*Stitch Marker to mark your rounds
*Tapestry Needle

  Their's no need to slip stitch and/or chain when going to the next round unless stated to do so.
  Numbers in ( ) at the end of each round or row indicate the total number of stitches for that round or row.

BODY with 3.5mm
  Rnd 1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
  Rnd 2: 2sc in each sc around (12)
  Rnd 3: sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc around (24)
  Rnd 4: sc in each sc around, sl st into first sc of previous round (24)
  Rnd 5: ch3, tr in same st you sl st, 2tr in next st, sc in next 3sts, 2tr in next 2sts, sl st in next st, *sc in next 3sts,  2sc in next sc* repeat from * to * 3 more times, sl st into first ch from previous round (34)
  Rnd 6: sl st in the next 2chs, hdc in next st, dc in next st, hdc in next st, sl st in next 3sts, hdc in next st, dc in next st, hdc in next st, sl st in the next 2sts
F/O, secure and weave in ends.

EYES make 2 with 3.5mm
  Rnd 1: 6hdc in magic ring, sl st into first hdc (6)
F/O, secure and weave in ends.

LEFT WING with 3.5mm
  ch7, dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in next ch, hdc in next 2chs, sl st in next ch (5)
F/O, secure and weave in ends.

RIGHT WING with 3.5mm
  ch6, sl st in 2nd ch form hook, hdc in next 2chs, dc in next 2chs, sl st into the same st you dc (6)
F/O, secure and weave in ends.

FEET with 2.5mm
Working in back loops.
Attach yarn in the 9th st, ch3, sl st in st you attach
F/O, secure and weave in ends. Skip 2sts.
Attach yarn, ch3, sl st in st you attach
F/O, secure and weave in ends.
  He's really easy to assemble. The eyes place them as shown in the image below. For the black dot in the eye I use a sharpie. I think it gives it a nice finish look to the eyes. If you're going to use a sharpie just be careful not to smear the marker. You can also embroidery or use felt for the black part of the eye. Embroidery the nose with gold yarn or use a felt whichever you prefer. Finally sew the wings in the sides of the owl.
Isn't he adorable?. ツ
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Have a nice crochet time!
- Janet

This pattern is an original pattern by Janet Carrillo "JC Designs" (May 2012). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint/repost it on your site. You may print and keep a copy for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell items may from this pattern.


  1. Çok sevimli ve güzel elinize sağlık sevgiler.

  2. so cute!
    thanks for sharing!!
    Debora (Brazil)

  3. @Debora Alves, You welcome and thank you. :)

  4. Oi, Janet!
    Vi sua corujinha no Ravelry e amei. Adoro blogs que compartilham receitas.
    Parabéns pelos seus lindos trabalhos.
    Um beijo


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