October 17, 2012

Thomas beanie and amigurumi

  Finish one of the Christmas presents for my nephew. I just know that he's going to love them. :)
  The Thomas beanie is a free pattern courtesy of Kristine Mullen; link to pattern. I had this beanie pattern save for awhile now waiting for someone to make it for. I wanted to make it for son but...
Son: "I don't like Thomas anymore that's for babies."
Me: "Then why do you still play with your Thomas trains and with the Thomas houses?"
Son: ..speechless..
Me: ..laughs..
  Now my youngest nephew whose a year old loves Thomas. I'm glad I save the pattern. :) I did add googly eyes instead of crocheting them. I love the way it turn out. Every little boy should own this beanie. It's absolutely adorable. :)
  Thomas amigurumi, ins't it adorable? :) A year ago I seen this amazingly well detail Thomas that was knitted but unfortunately it was publish on a pamphlet that contain 4 different patterns. I search for the pamphlet on eBay and I did find it but the asking price was ridiculously high. A few days ago, I decide to search on google and found a free crochet pattern but I wasn't too convince in making him that I decide to continue my search on etsy and found a cute pattern. I immediately purchased it. When I receive it I went over the pattern and notice that theirs sooo many pieces to make and keep track of. I was like "omg...Janet this is a lot of work". As I finish a piece I will pinned them in the place they where suppose to go so I wouldn't forget where it needed to go.
  Overall the pattern is amazingly well written. The last few pages it contains many illustrations on how to work the stitches required to know to make this plushie. :) This Thomas amigurumi is a pay pattern from getfun on etsy.

  If you haven't decide what to give to your grandkids/kids/nephews/niece you should consider this cute little set. :)

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Have a nice crochet time!
- Janet

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