July 26, 2012

Koopa Paratroopa

He's cute. Isn't he?
  My son had been asking me for awhile to make him the red Koopa with wings; Koopa Paratroopa. I finally got some time to make him and he turn out perfect. The pattern I use for the Koopa was a free pattern courtesy of Lupita Suarez; link to pattern. I just change the parts that where green to red. It's a very well written pattern. :) For the wings I use Melissa Mall pattern; The Golden Snitch. I use a 4.5mm hook for the wings and it turn out to be a perfect size for the Koopa. I love the way it turn out and so does my son. :)
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Have a nice crochet time!
- Janet


  1. So cute! Makes me wish crochet did not hurt my wrist so much.
    love looking at your pictures!

  2. Termikniter2, thank you. :)
    Recently my wrist has started hurting as well so I take a few days and rest my hand. I should probably see a doctor.


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