April 17, 2012

Fingerless Gloves

  Back in the beginning of January I wanted to make myself some fingerless gloves since the weather was really cold and my hands where getting all dry that I was getting small cuts. I search for fingerless gloves and found one that I fell in love with Snugly Mitts Tunisian Crochet (free pattern courtesy of Julia Wardell) but they ended up being to big for my hands. I try to modify it several times but it will still end up to big.
  My search for new gloves began again. I then found this really cute pattern Idony Fingerless Gloves (free pattern courtesy of Sarah Francis) but I was a bit indecisive since they where a bit short but I still made them and added a few rounds to make them longer. They look amazing and its a perfect fit. I love them. ツ I finish the mitts in 2 days but I kept putting it off to add the beads. I finally finish them but the weather is already getting really warm that I'm going to be putting them away and wear them next fall. ツ
That's me with my fabulous new gloves.
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Have a wonderful week. :)
- Janet


  1. What a nice blog you have! I will certainly try out some of your patterns! Thank you for sharing them!


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