November 1, 2011

Bowser amigurumi

This particular Bowser is modeled off of the more recent version of Bowser (Super Mario Bros. Wii)
  My son been asking me to make him Bowser. Plus I had to make him since he's the main evil guy in the Mario Bros. series. I had been searching for him for months and found some amazing Bowser’s but no patterns for them. I was going to try to make him myself but I found two patterns for him in Ravelry. I decided to make Shelly Hedko's pattern since it look way better. She did an amazing job designing it.
  Assembling the pieces together was a bit complicate it since theirs so many pieces to keep track of. She doesn't go into much detail on how to assemble him. (At the moment though, she's  making another Bowser so she can take pictures of it as she assembles him and put then in her blog.) But since I been making amigurumis since I started crocheting; I eventually figure it out. I did modify the pattern a bit since some pieces (body and belly) I found them to be too small but overall it's amazing pattern. If you been looking for a Bowser pattern this is the one to make. Here's the link to it.
  I just love how he turn out. My son absolutely loves him, he's his new favorite stuff toy.

- Janet Carrillo


  1. This is amazing! I'm so much enjoying looking through all your projects. You are very talented!

  2. Yeah, truly awesome. I hope to someday make a few of these. I love Mario but not only that, this is just unreal that it's all just crochet.

  3. He did came out amazing. He looks exactly like Bowser. :)


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