May 7, 2013

Nabbit from Super Mario Bros. U

By Janet Carrillo "damn it Janet, let's crochet!"
Approx. Height 8" 

*Crochet hook size: 3.5mm
*Worsted weight yarn: Purple, Gold, Black, White, Beige
*2 Black buttons - 14mm
*White cloth (10.75” by 12.5”)
*Felt: Red, Gray, Light Brown
*Tapestry needle
*Matching thread
*Stitch Markers
 *Hot Glue
  Gauge isn't all that important, but your hook and yarn choices should result in a fairly tight stitch so the stuffing won't show through.
  Numbers in ( ) at the end of each round or row indicate the total number of stitches for that round or row.
  Always use stitch markers to mark your rounds. :)
  There's no need to slip stitch and/or chain when going to the next round unless stated to do so.

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Have a nice crochet time!
- Janet

Nabbit and Mario Brothers are copyright Nintendo.
This pattern is an original pattern by Janet Carrillo "damn it Janet, let's crochet!" (May 2013). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to the page but please do not reprint/repost it on your site. You may print and keep a copy for your own personal use. Please do not resell or distribute the pattern.


  1. Bowser-Is-My-FatherAugust 28, 2013 at 7:55 AM

    Hi, that Nabbit really is awesome! I know someone who might appreciate something like that, if you commision pieces....

  2. Bowser-Is-My-FatherAugust 28, 2013 at 7:57 AM

    By the way, I linked your blog here, I hope you don't mind....

  3. My Son would go nuts for one of these Nabbit dolls. Can I buy one? I am not on Facebook, so I can't contact you there. Don't know if Christmas is doable or not, but that would be awesome! Thanks so much

  4. @Joe, hi. Please contact me via email so I can better assist you. :)

  5. I'm really confused about the patten instructions on nabbits shoes. It says to ch 7 but then that turns out to not be enough to finish rnd 1. And why is it ch 7 and not worked in the round? It seems like it's supposed to be in the round bit it never says anything about sts worked in magic ring. Very confused please help!

  6. @Molly, when you get to the 4sc in the last st, your going to be making the rest of the stitches on the opposite side of the foundation chain. I will fix that in the pattern so others can understand. :)

  7. omg you are awesome! thanks for sharing!!! my kids are going nuts when i make this!!!!


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