February 13, 2012

Storage Box

  This weekend I went to Walmart, to buy some Valentine's cards for my son and a little gift for his teacher. I like to browse around the whole store and sometimes I find some great stuff. I was browsing and saw these amazing storage boxes with compartments. I started looking at each one and I ended up buying myself a Creative Options Grab 'N Go craft box. I absolutely love it. :)
  You open the front flap for access to three utility boxes plus on the top the lid opens for bulk storage. One of the utility boxes has several dividers to put all you little notions. Now I wont have to keep all my crochet and knitting supplies in several different bags.
  Now that I put my stuff in the storage box it seems like I hardly have anything. :( I guess as the years go on by my stash on hooks, needles and yarn would grow as big as many Ravelers have in their homes.
As you can see on the last image I added labels.
Dimensions: 16.5"L x 11.75" W x 16" H
- Janet


  1. I definitely need something like this...
    Just yesterday me and my boyfriend were cleaning up the place where I randomly put all my yarn and needles and crafting stuff...
    Which brings a question to mind, where/how do you store your yarn?

  2. My son uses this same box for his RC car parts and tools! It's brilliant isn't it?!

  3. @ Cupcake Diaries, it is. I love that it has so many little compartments to keep everything neatly organized. :)


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