September 27, 2011

Stitch Markers

  These stitch markers are a fun alternative to plain old stitch markers. They are a fun project to add some fun to your project or as a gift for a crocheter/knitter you know. Like jewelry for your crocheting/knitting! =) Plus this isn’t too difficult or time consuming.

•Leverback Earrings (crochet) or Split Rings (knitting)
•Head Pins (2 inches in length)
•An assortment of Beads
•Round-nosed Pliers
•Wire Cutters
  I went to this store where they sell only beads and all the accessories needed to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keychains, etc. I have past by this store several times before when I gone to ModaTelas (where I buy yarn) but never when in. Today I check it out and WOW! they have a HUGE selection of beads. While I was browsing, I decide to buy some materials to make stitch markers.
  Only cost me $85MXN ($6.90USD) for all the materials you see in the first image. I made 22 fabulous stitch markers and I still have enough materials to make at least another 15. I love the way they turn out. Plus it's cheaper than eBay or Etsy, LOVE it. :)
Stitch markers for crochet
Stitch markers for knitting
Have a wonderful day and see you next time. :)
- Janet Carrillo


  1. I have been wanting to give that a try for a long time. It's much more expensive here in the U.S. I haven't been to TJ in a very long time, especially when you hear so many bad things. I really hope I can visit soon. Nice work!

  2. @AngelRoseLite, TJ is not so bad like everyone makes it sound.
    But I have found that its cheaper to buy this stuff here rather than in San Diego or online. The yarn is so cheap. It's only 12pesos for a skein. I love it. :)


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