Knitting (free)

In this section you will find ALL the free knitting patterns from damn it Janet, let's crochet! in
alphabetical order.
Just scroll down and click on the one you'll like (on the caption), to get re-directed to the original
post of that pattern.
Hope you enjoy the pattern and be sure to share your finished project. :)

Thank you and have a lovely day. :)
- Janet Carrillo

Coal Beanie (toddler-teen)
Diamond Beanie (toddler-teen)
Fox Beanie (teen-adult)
Frog Mario Bros. (child-adult)
Luigi w/ Yoshi (child-adult)
Marigold Buttoned Cowl
Obey Beanie (toddler-teen)
Pokeball Beanie (child-adult)
Ribbed Slouchy (child-adult)
Sunshine Cable Socks
Yoshi from Mario Bros. (child-adult)

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