July 4, 2013

Hello Kitty Booties

By Janet Carrillo "damn it Janet, let's crochet!"
  This Hello Kitty booties can be purchase in my etsy shop for a very low price of $2.00. They come in 2 different sizes; 0 – 6 months old (3.75" sole) and 6 months – 12 months old (4.5” sole).
  This would look adorable with the Hello Kitty Security Blanket and Headband that I offer in my shop.
  Use the colors that you like you best. 。◕‿◕。

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Have a nice crochet time!
- Janet

Hello Kitty is copyright Sanrio.
This pattern is an original pattern by Janet Carrillo "damn it Janet, let's crochet!" (July 2013). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to the page but please do not reprint/repost it on your site. You may print and keep a copy for your own personal use. Please do not resell or distribute the pattern.


  1. She's adorable! I purchased the pattern and plan to start it asap. Thanks :)

  2. Glad you like it.
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  3. Your amazing - I don't know how you come up with the patterns yourself, but Im in love - I have a hard time following patterns, let alone make something unique of my own. Thanks for sharing - I love the hello kitty booties, so if the pattern is ever free (i know it sounds horrible, im a mother of five and pinch pennies, thats why i crochet!) - email me :))) Jennifer.Kohl82@gmail.com

  4. thank you for your wonderful ideas - your amazing at what you do. I have a hard time following patterns, let alone make something of my own and write a pattern. Im in love with the hello kitty booties (baby due in April - making the "comimg home" outfit and I would love to make these - in the meantime, if your pattern becomes available without the use of a debit/credit/paypal account - please email me!!! Im a mother of five and have been crocheting a lot of their winter items and the younger ones socks (pinching pennies). Thanks again and keep the patterns coming - i love them.


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